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Satsang with Kosi

  • Bristol United Kingdom (map)

Satsang with Kosi

Satsang is the direct discovery of the happiness you are.
— Kosi

Perhaps you have heard the word satsang before and maybe even know what it means, but often the deeper meaning of this sacred meeting is misunderstood or completely unknown. Satsang is a Sanskrit term that means association with truth or association with the wise.  It is a meeting held in the highest truth guided by someone who is considered enlightened, or awakened, with the sole purpose of directing your attention to the eternal freedom known as enlightenment or state of consciousness that liberates you from the karmic wheel of birth and death, but these words only scratch the surface of the life changing nature of satsang. 

The very essence of satsang is truth—an honest, open, intimate, discussion that supports a dynamic shift in your consciousness from the limitations of your mind to the indescribable freedom of your heart. The Siva Kasyapa lineage is a radical teaching steeped in the power and grace of ancient traditions that can immediately end sadness, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and many other forms of suffering. 

Satsang has only one real benefit—liberation from lifetimes of suffering.
— Kosi

Many teachers around the world offer satsang, but the teaching of Siva Kasyapa lineage is a potent transmission based in the Vedas and Upanishads—the ancient scriptural texts, practices, and science of India infused with the grace of Sri Amma Karunamayi and Sri Ramana Maharshi. This lineage and teaching transmits an inexplicable power that burns through the root cause of all forms of suffering; the genetics of your mind and ego.

Perhaps your own direct experience is the best way to describe the powerful transformation this teaching supports. The focus of satsang in this particular lineage is silence (meditation), sound (mantra), and satsang (self-inquiry). The combination of these three practices is potent support for your own direct experience of the lasting happiness and fulfillment of your true nature. Over time this teaching can permanently end the most stubborn patterns of suffering that can continue even after the most profound moments of realization or states of bliss. 

This teaching is not esoteric or conceptual. It is radical, real, and down to earth support for the intimate discovery of your eternal nature—the direct discovery that you are happiness itself—the stateless state of bliss that lives in your own heart.

This teaching smashes the many myths of enlightenment and supports living a naturally happy ordinary life free of the suffering nature of mind.

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