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Kosi Live is ongoing support for discovering your natural happiness.
— Kosi

Kosi Live is an online satsang open to everyone. You can participate in this meeting from your smartphone or computer. This online satsang provides you with intimate, honest, in the moment support for ending anxiety, stress, fear, anger and many other forms of suffering. It is the deepest support for a dynamic shift from the limitations of your mind to the unlimited freedom of your heart.

  • Live Online Satsang with Kosi

  • Intimate support for a fresh inquiry

  • Potent Insights into the Power of this Teaching

Once you register you can participate via your smartphone, computer, or you can phone into the satsang with any VOIP, mobile, or telephone technology. The power of this technology is that you can participate from your smartphone where every you are.

We meet in the intimacy of the Heart to discover the freedom and lasting happiness of our true nature. Please join our community and share your perspective. This is a sacred meeting that provides the deepest support for ending stubborn patterns of suffering. 

You can can also share your insights and questions by registering in our online community below.