Radical Shift


This teaching represents a radical shift in consciousness from the suffering of your mind to the indescribable happiness of your heart.
— Kosi

This teaching supports a radical shift in your consciousness from the suffering nature of your mind to the indescribable happiness of your heart. After many years of deep inquiry and study Kosi realized that the predominant western perspective of the teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, recently coined as Neo Advaita, is extremely misleading. Her teaching represents a radical return to the core teaching of Ramana, which reveals the pure genius, profound simplicity, and infinite depth of his sublime wisdom.

This unique perspective represents an extremely potent transmission of his core teaching that enables you to transcend the anxiety, stress, sadness, fear, and self-hatred that is considered by the majority of people as the normal experience of life. But what if this suffering is not normal at all? What if the most profound happiness in any situation is your natural state? The pain and suffering generated by your mind can be completely debilitating unless you understand what your mind actually is and how it works. If you don’t have this basic understanding you will continue to be at the effect of the constantly changing movements of your mind and the emotions it generates.

This teaching simply reveals the practical methods explained in detail by Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi that has either been overlooked, or in some cases completely rejected, by the pervasive western belief that it is effortless to liberate yourself from the immense power of your mind and ego. It is simple to see through the powerful illusion that can cause intense suffering, but maintaining this perspective is not effortless. It requires the application of the core practices of sound (mantra), silence (meditation), and self-inquiry (virchara) as a continuous intimate inquiry into the source of the breath of your life, which reveals the ever present happiness within you—the stateless state of pure bliss commonly referred to as enlightenment.

This all might sound a bit confusing, but what if it is actually possible to be fully liberated from the unending gyrations of your mind? What if you really could be happy in any life situation?


The Mountain Path

The Clear Way of Liberation


This teaching is not a religion, religious belief system, or philosophy. It is known as the mountain path—the path of divine wisdom (jnana) and divine love (bhakti). The three primary practices of self-inquiry, silence (meditation), and sound (mantra) support a radical shift in your consciousness that frees you from the pain and suffering of life.

The teaching is based on the life and teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Amma Karunamayi as well as over twenty years of spiritual devotion and practice of Kosi. This path represents the fastest most direct route to what is known as enlightenment, awakening, self-realization, and liberation or moksha—happiness, love, and joy that defies description.

This teaching is simple and infinitely deep. It supports your own direct discovery of the natural happiness alive in your heart that is eternally free of the grand mirage of your ego, mind, and genetic mind.

Arunachala Siva



The great secret of Ramana’s teaching can be found by contemplating the teaching of his master—the sacred mountain in southern India believed to be the embodiment of Siva—the formless presence of God. What exactly is the teaching of this mountain? It is easy enough to notice the teaching of this mysterious mountain is stillness and silence in the midst of constant change, which is simple and easy to understand, but extremely difficult to apply in every day life. But what if the mountain reveals the the great secret of liberation—the path and practices that ends life times of suffering? The practices that contain the intrinsic power to end your fear, anxiety, stress, and unhappiness?

Ramana is recognized throughout the world as the code breaker of enlightenment—he was able to translate the vast power of his beloved mountain into simple terms that anyone can understand. His simple direct instruction removes the mystery of enlightenment or the unending happiness of niravana or the turiya state of pure joy that actually is alive in your heart right now. His teaching is so simple anyone can understand and apply the simple practices required to realize this sublime happiness free of the suffering nature of your mind—the direct realization of the endless unbounded indescribable happiness of your being.

The three distinct phases of freeing yourself from the great illusion generated by your mind and ego are known as; awakening, self-realization, and liberation or moksha—liberation from the karmic wheel of suffering. But what does this mean in the context of all the constantly changing events in your life and all the associated emotions? How does the teaching of Ramana help you in the midst of this whirlwind of change that is the essence of everyone’s life experience?

For that matter, what does it mean to awaken or be liberated? Awaken from what? Liberated from what? If your like most people you are simply use to the deep feeling that something is horribly wrong or you are simply use to being on the roller coaster of emotions that seems to be caused by the constantly changing circumstances of your life. But what if this if all the ups and downs you experience in life are really an illusion?

What if it really is possible to be happy in any life situation?

Eternal Master 



The core teaching is self-inquiry—the deep examination of your real nature—eternal bliss of vast indescribable silence. But what exactly is self-inquiry and what does it do for you? If you have been exposed to Ramana’s teachings, or maybe have even practiced self-inquiry for a number of years, you are very aware that awakening to the bliss of your being is extremely fast. In fact, Ramana’s teaching is recognized as the absolute fastest path to the sublime happiness of liberation or moksha.

But the finger snap speed of awakening does nothing to free you from your mind, the genetic mind, ego, or the Prarabdha Karma contained in the genetics of your body that work in unison to keep stubborn patterns of suffering appearing in your life over and over again. The great challenge after awakening is remaining awake—simple and the greatest challenge of a lifetime.

The common experience is to feel the euphoria of awakening, which is simply recognizing you are the consciousness shining through your face, only to seemingly loose this state of euphoria when you return to your normal every day routine—so what exactly is going on? How can you experience the profound bliss of your being one second and feel absolutely miserable the next? How does your mind work? How does suffering actually happen? The pure genius of Ramana is he recognized three fundamental problems caused by the movements of mind; the mind easily remembers, easily forgets, and easily distracts your attention. Even the most sublime state of bliss is forgotten the moment you are distracted by and react to something going on in your life.

The genius of Ramana is he realized that your senses, combined with your mind, genetics, and ego create the powerful illusion and deep feeling of ‘me’ in your body. The constant movement of your mind and this deep seated feeling combined with the changing states of consciousness it generates hides the endless bliss of your being. Ramana drew the inset drawing above to reveal just how powerful the illusion generated by the mind is—in fact he realized that the ego itself is the root of the problem due to its reflective nature—it is like a double sided mirror that reflects the infinite light of your eternal nature on one side and your five senses on the other side. It is the reflective nature of ego and your natural tendency to spontaneously agree with whatever you think that generates the very powerful illusion that you are your body.

This illustration is actually a road map to liberation from the powerful illusion of ego, but this drawing is not two-dimensional in actuality it is a three-dimensional road map to liberation. If you expand this drawing into three dimensional space it is simplifies the nature of the problem, but also provides a very clear road map out of this unending house of mirrors. You see, suffering happens in your head, but freedom lives eternally in your heart.

The reflective nature of ego is like a still mountain lake—the surface of the lake reflects whatever you perceive via your senses. The light of your eternal nature is in the depth of the lake shining up through the surface of the water from your heart. It is this combination that makes this reflection feel very real, but in reality it is no different than a reflection on a still lake—it appears to be real—but is it?

The light of the Self or your eternal nature is the purest bliss or the stateless state of happiness that lives in your heart. Regardless of what you are thinking or doing or changing states of consciousness the Self remains constant and unmoving just like the profound stillness of a mountain. Do you see? The light of the self never changes and never moves—it is simply always here and now.

To free yourself from the powerful illusion of the ego requires the support of satsang—a meeting held in the highest truth that supports the direct intimate discovery of the happiness of your true nature. Satsang is not a lecture or class it is profound transmission of the hightest truth that contains the power to burn through eons of suffering. Once you awaken to this living truth in the core of your being, or have a direct experience of your eternal nature, the core practices are essential to develop the discernment necessary to abide in the source as this infinitude.

If you want to experience the profound bliss of your being on a continuous basis there is simply no avoiding the very real effort of practice—liberation is earned not given. The teaching supports your spiritual maturation process through the intrinsic power and grace of silence (meditation), sound (mantra), and self-inquiry—all of which are forms of vichara—your own intimate and deep realization of the Self—the omniscience of your eternal nature—the purest joy!

Satsang with Kosi



Satsang is self-inquiry; the intimate and direct discovery of your eternal nature. It is a sacred meeting held in the context of God or the source that supports the direct discovery of the most profound joy, contentment, and happiness. It is an intimate open honest authentic meeting that supports a radical shift from the suffering nature of your mind to the indescribable happiness of your heart.

This public context of satsang provides you with radical support for seeing through the debilitating feelings of self-hatred, fear, rage, and despair and can evoke the most profound joy and laughter in the midst of the mess of life. The core teaching lives in your own direct experience. This does not represent a dusty old book or spiritual discussion. Satsang is not a discussion group or lecture and it is not a self-improvement class or an empowerment training.

Satsang is a living expression of the divine truth that sets you free from the suffering generated by your own mind and ego.









Silence is the essence of the teaching. Without silence it is difficult if not impossible to mature spiritually. In this lineage stillness, silence, and meditation are essential support for a deep inquiry. 

Every satsang begins with a simple meditation practice that also incorporates the silence of the mantra. During retreats and programs Kosi also introduces adults to the vipasana practice prescribed by Sri Amma Karunamayi and other meditation techniques. During satsang for children she teaches a simple meditation practice.





Mantra Initiation





The most important aspect of Ramana’s teaching rarely, if ever, discussed is his insistence that the mantra is an essential practice for burning through the very powerful illusion of the ego. This is often ignored or completely rejected by the majority of western teachers, but the inset diagram reveals the pure genius of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

Ramana recognized that the primordial sound of AUM correlates to the three primary states of consciousness; waking, dream, and deep sleep. The use of the seed letters a-u-m is a very potent mantra that naturally focuses your attention on the source in the heart. With repeated use the mind falls through the illusory barrier of the ego and surrenders to this unalloyed happiness that defies description.

The primordial sound AUM is the sound of the turiya state—or the sound of silence that contains a mysterious power. Ramana illuminates, “ Import of AUM, unequalled, unsurpassed, who can understand you, O Arunachala?” AUM is a sound and essence of his eternal Master—Arunachula Siva—the omniscience of God that transcends both the mind and ego. This primal sound has been recognized for centuries as the primordial sound—the sound of the turiya state that surpasses all understanding—this infinitude simply cannot be grasped by the human intellect.

The untrained mind flows outward to the world through the senses, which Ramana depicts as a castle or fortress to illustrate the natural genetic defense mechanism of the body. It is the power of your senses and mind that infuses the ego with a sense of individuality that makes the ‘me’ or identification with the body feel very real. The sound of aum cuts through this mirage of the ego to reveal the pure conscious happiness of your eternal nature. As Ramana describes, “As thoughts arise they should be destroyed then and there in the very place of their origin, through inquiry. If one resorts to contemplation of the Self unintermittently, until the Self is gained, that alone would do. As long as there are enemies within the fortress, they will continue to sally forth; if they are destroyed as they emerge, the fortress will fall into our hands.”


Sri Amma Karunamayi, whose birth was prophesied by Sri Ramana, revealed the science and power of the mantra to Kosi in December of 2012. With Amma’s omniscient support Kosi offers a simple initiation into the following core mantras that Amma feels are essential to burn through the genetic mind, ego, and the Parahbdha karma contained within your genetics.

Ancient vedic mantras and songs are essential support for the evolution of your consciousness. The ancient mantras are infused with a powerful vibratory silence combined with the potent sounds of sanskrit seed letters essential for burning through the suffering caused by your ego and the genetics of your mind. The mantra acts like an invisible laser beam that burns through these genetically ingrained patterns of suffering that cause suffering to continue even after the most profound moments of awakening and deep realization. 

The Gayatri mantra is considered the supreme mantra due to its intrinsic power to destroy the karma infused in the genetics of your body. The illustrations below demonstrate how this particular mantra effects the entire body. It also directs your attention to that which illuminates all—the omniscience of the heart.

What is Gayatri? It really means ‘Let me concentrate on That which illumines all’.
— Sri Ramana Maharshi

Gayatri Mantra
(The supreme mantra)

oṁ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ bhárgo
devásya dhīmahi dhíyo yó naḥ prachodáyāt

Translation: Let us all adore the supreme God who illuminates us all, who creates us all, the supreme silence from which all form arises and to which we all must return. We pray in all humility that this divinity direct our attention to the supreme silence and eternal freedom of the heart.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra
(The Healing Mantra)

oṁ tryambakaṁ yajāmahe
sugandhiṁ puṣṭi-vardhanam

urvārukam-iva bandhanān
mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt

Translation: Oh Lord Shiva with your three eyes you are always watching over the three worlds of existence. You are the omniscient one who exudes the eternal fragrance of peace, compassion, contentment, and complete knowledge of the eternal Self. You are eternally nourishing all beings with your divine healing energy. May you free me from all disease, mental disturbances, and the death of spiritual ignorance so that I may discover my eternal nature. May I always cling close to you, as a cucumber clings to the vine that sustains it, and may I realize in this life that I am one with your eternal presence.

(Universal Mother Prayer)

oṁ aim srīm hrīm sarasvatī devyai namah

Translation: aim is the bijaksharas, or seed letter, of Saraswati Devi or pure divine consciousness and is Nadamayi the form of divine sound. aim is jnana shakti, which a sound that opens the mind to receive the divine wisdom of the heart. srīm is the bijaksharas of Maha Lakshmi Devi and is Tejomayi or the form of divine light. srīm is iccha shakti, which is a divine energy that helps you develop the noble and holy desire for full self-realization.  hrīm is the bijaksharas of Maha Shakti, the Supreme Energy, and is Saktimayi or the form of the divine cosmic energy. hrīm is kriya shakti, which supports developing a dharmic lifestyle. sarasvatī devyai namah is a sacred salutation that reveres and honors the divine form of the universe known as Saraswati Devi. 

The Saraswati Mantra is considered to be the mother or source of all the sounds contained in the Vedas. Om is the primordial sound that pervades the entire universe and from this primordial sound bijaksharas, or seed letters, were heard by the ancient Rishis. This particular mantra is simple, but extremely potent because it contains the bijaksharas or seed letters that that act like laser beams that burn through the genetic mind. Each bijaksharas contains an invisible silent energy that has the power to completely transform your consciousness. The seed letters are infused with the omniscient grace of God and improve your intellect, speech, and memory capacity.


Yoga Mantra Innvocation

om śuklāmbara dharam vishṇum
śaśi varṇam chatur bhujam
prasanna vadanam dhyayet
sarva vighnopa śantāye
om gurur brahmā gurur vishnuh
gurur devo maheśhvarah
guruh sākshāt parambrahma
tasmai śrī gurave namah
om akhaṇḍa-maṇḍalā kāram
vyāptam yena charācharam
tat padam darśitam yena
tasmai śrī gurave namah
om sarva maṃgala māṃgalye
śive sarvārtha sādhike
śaraṇye tryambake devi
nārāyaṇi namo ̕stu te
om śaraṇāgata dīnārtha
paritrāṇa parāyaṇe
sarvasyārti hare devi
nārāyaṇi namo ̕stu te
om sarva svarūpe sarveśe
sarva śakti samanvite
bhaye bhyastrāhi no devi
durge devī namo ̕stu te
om shanti, shanti, shanti-hi





Love is the essence of all religions, creeds, and religions belief systems. This teaching is not a religion or religious practice or philosophy. It simply supports your direct discovery of eternal life within you—joy without measure.
— Kosi

This teaching is a potent transmission that has the intrinsic power to crack the secret code hidden in the scripture of all the world’s well known religions—unlocking the great mystery of true salvation. It will deepen and expand your understanding of Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and all religions and religious belief systems—revealing the very heart of every religion—LOVE.

This is teaching is based in the direct realization of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and over twenty years of study, practice, and deep realizations of Kosi. The gift in this transmission is it simply shifts your attention from the ephemeral to the eternal nature of your life. It is not about leaving your beliefs or religious creed. This teaching simply supports your own direct discovery of the omniscience of your eternal nature—true redemption—salvation from endless patterns of suffering generated by the genetic mind and ego. This teaching is profound support for understanding how your mind works in unison with your ego to generate what can be very intense feelings of suffering and provides you with practical every day practices and support that put a dramatic and sudden end to what can seem like endless cycles of suffering.

The practices are intended solely to strengthen your natural ability to focus your attention on the source alive in your own heart and abide as that infinite love, peace, and pure happiness. The practices and support offered in satsangs, retreats, and programs support your own direct realization of the living truth beyond any belief or religious dogma. The power of this teaching can dramatically deepen and expand your faith in your religion as well as your religious beliefs.

It helps you examine how you cause your own suffering and supports breaking free from the deeply engrained genetic patterns of suffering that cause fear, anxiety, stress, judgment, pain that tend to increase over time when you do not understand how your mind works.

This teaching is best described as non teaching or the living truth—the omniscient love and peace that defies understanding. It supports your own direct discovery of this omniscience—natural happiness.