Where is Your Attention?

Attention is the single word that describes the teaching of Ramana Maharshi. If you stop and ask yourself the question, 'where is my attention?' you can begin to notice what you are giving your attention to—you can begin to the source of the attention.

The Adventure of Now

The natural tendency of mind is to avoid pain and seek pleasure. We resist what is and build stories about our life circumstances to justify or explain our resistance to what is, but it is the resistance to whatever is unfolding in your life that generates suffering. In the willingness to fully welcome what is there is a natural expansion and deepening as the freedom of now.

Sudden Awakening

The powerful energy of Ramana's teaching combined with the grace of Sri Amma Karunamayi is a potent force that burns through the genetic mind. This energy lives beyond mind. It cannot be grasped or understood and has the innate power to release life times of suffering.

Ruthlessly Here

Ruthless hereness without an expectation of a result is essential for a deep fresh inquiry. It supports the evolution of spiritual maturity. This requires a ruthless truth telling. What do you think enlightenment or self-realization will give you? 

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What Really Matters?

What really matters? What do you really want? Rarely do we stop, tell the truth, and get clear about what we really want, but these two questions are essential for the evolution of your spiritual maturity.

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What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

Understanding what you are feeding your brain is one of the great secrets of breaking free of deeply ingrained patterns of suffering—the fear, anxiety, doubt, anger, and the many moods you experience as you move through life. What if it is really possible to reprogram your brain so that you can recognize the happiness that is simply always here?

Facing Everything

Facing everything is simply the willingness to surrender of the mind to the infinite realm of the heart. It is the willingness to welcome whatever is happening in your life without following the movement of mind to resist, fix, or change.

Courage to Love

The courage to love is the sweetest surrender of the three primary powers of mind—memory, projection, and imagination. These powers of mind are the reflective consciousness that create a very powerful illusion that betrays or hides the living truth of you. The courage to love is the willingness to see through the lie of you to discover directly, intimately, the truth of you.

The Super Judge of the Super Ego

The Super Ego is the invisible whip that you use to torture yourself with negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, other people and your circumstances. Seeing through this whip lives in discovering the source of the Super Ego.

Who is the Terrorist?

This is not a political or theological or even a national discussion—it is much closer to the bone? What happens when you are willing to deeply examine the terrorist inside of yourself? Who is the terrorist really? This conversation is intimate, uncomfortable, awkward, and can evoke the rage, fear, and profoundly deep despair that is often hidden underneath. In meeting this hell directly, intimately, this collective insanity, this shadow that can lurk in your own mind, and the collective mind, can reveal the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Logos of Now

Logos is an ancient word that means ground or reason or simply word. It goes all the way back to Aristotle who realized that logos is what differentiates a human being from animals or the natural ability to perceive, understand and discern, but the logos of now reveals the primary ethos of your own direct discovery of the living happiness that you are and always be. What is ethos and how can it serve as a guide to a deeper abidance in the realization of yourself as Freedom?

The Ordinary Miracle

The life of the buddha reveals three secret keys that are essential for self-realization or the direct experience of lasting happiness. This discussion takes a deep look at the buddha's life to reveal how these ancient secrets can help you end patterns of suffering in your life right now.

The Responsibility of Now

What actually happens inside of you to create a negative emotion? Can a negative emotion even exist without your ability to imagine what something someone said or did means about you or someone else? In the willingness to take responsibility right now, right here, you can discover directly the truth of you that is always alive and fresh right now.

The Gravitas of Freedom

The power of the genetic mind is perhaps the greatest barrier to to liberation and self-realization. The genetic mind is deeply rooted in the ego or the deep sense 'I am me' often based on an unconscious and conscious sense of self-hatred. To pull out this deep root of self-hatred requires the willingness to end the internal war with yourself. It requires the deep gravitas or resolve to remain still as stillness to discover ever more deeply the freedom that is simply always here.

Dusting Off the Buddha

Dusting of the Buddha cuts through all of the myths and ideals about the realization and teaching of the of the Buddha to reveal what his realization and teaching really represents. It opens the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and supports your own direct discovery of what eternally free of any mood or circumstance that you experience in life.

Breaking the Juggernaut

A juggernaught is an unstoppable force and was the name given to a powerful entity in a 1950s comic strip. It is also the perfect metaphor to illustrate how deeply challenging it is to break free from your conditioned patterns of behavior. Awakening takes a fraction of a second, but liberation from these very powerful movements of the egoic mind is more than a little challenging. This podcast reveals how you can put an end to the seemingly unstoppable force of your egoic mind.

Popping the Doubt Bubble

Doubt is the mind closing around an idea as well as an identity. It is this closing of mind and the identification with yourself as the doubter that leads to more and more doubt. It creates a kind of cocoon or bubble that acts as a veil or smoke screen that creates an invisible barrier to the happiness and freedom that you are. Doubt by its very nature is a thought that lives in the past, which is constrained by the limitations of the mind. To pop the doubt bubble you it is essential to confront the doubter. Is the doubter real?

The Razors Edge

Walking on the razors edge is the essence of Papaji's teaching, which lives in the willingness to discover what is always already stopped. A single thought is too much to carry on the razors edge. This teaching represents the end of following your thoughts outward to the manifest world and represents a stopping to look inward to directly recognize the vastness that you are that lives inside and outside of your physical form.