The Wars End

The Genetics of Choice
By Kosi

A war is raging in the human consciousness that is reflected in the many conflicts erupting around the world.  The war inside is always reflected in the war outside and the wars end begins with a return to peace—awakening to the peace and stillness of our true nature.

A natural end to the internal war begins the moment we take the deepest truest look into the depths of our heart to discover directly what is still and unmoving in the core of our being—that which is always at peace. This awakening deepens and evolves over time with our willingness to stop, welcome, and deeply examine what is actually going on inside of us.

The genetics of the human mind makes this extremely difficult. We are wired to fight, wired to run, and wired to seduce. These primal movements of mind are based on our genetic lineage and this wiring is bone breaking strong. It lives in the primal drive to survive and procreate and evolve. It is the genetic code of evolution that is embedded in our DNA as well as the reptilian and limbic brain—the seat of survival. 

The genetics of choice is your natural ability to discern, the ability to recognize patterns of suffering that develop over time from the moment we have self-recognition as a child. These patterns develop differently based on our unique life experience, but the source is the same for every human being—the ego. To break free of the powerful movements of the genetic mind to fight, run, and seduce requires the willingness to surrender the mind to its source. 

The willingness to surrendering the mind to its source is the nature of true inquiry. It is natural to follow the movements of mind and counterintuitive to stop. To break free of the genetic movement of mind to survive lives in becoming aware of what we are thinking and feeling and stop following these very powerful movements of mind by surrendering our attention to what is already stopped in the core. 

It is in the willingness to surrender our attention to what is already free, at peace, and perfectly still in the core of our being that generates a burning energy, which burns through the genetic impulse to fight, run and seduce. This willingness to stop and notice, and then examine through self-inquiry is the burning ground of egoic and genetic tendencies that close the mind around images, ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Suffering happens with this closing of the mind. Over time we develop an intimate relationship with our mind and not only identify with our thoughts, feelings, and memories they become a definition of who we are, which is the source of all suffering. True inquiry opens the mind to the direct discovery of its source, which enables you to see that this identification is an illusion. This is the great gift and grace of Ramana Maharshi.

Awakening happens in a fraction of a second the moment you surrender your attention to the source, but liberation is an evolution that is only possible if your desire to be free is bone breaking strong. It takes time and strong resolve to allow inquiry to burn through the strong genetic egoic tendencies known as vasanas.

It is like trying to tame a wild horse. If you get on a wild horse it will take you on a wild ride. This is a metaphor for the powerful movements of mind—following an untamed mind is like riding a bucking branco—it will you on the very wild ride of your ever changing thoughts, feelings and circumstances.

To tame the wild horse of your mind you don’t beat it with a stick. You gently walk it to the sweet eternal spring of your heart and allow it to deeply drink. In time this horse will simply rest in this eternal spring of the heart.

Resting in this eternal spring is the nature of true and eternal liberation. This alone is the wars end—the advent of lasting happiness and true fulfillment.