Siva Fire of Grace

The Great Laughing Fire
By Kosi

When thinking of Arunachala the mind simply goes blank—falling endlessly into the vast no mind state of no one, nowhere, and from this silence springs the most sublime happiness. Certainly, this happiness has been written about and talked about since Ramana first popped into the global consciousness—but the direct experience of this happiness is beyond anything words can ever convey. Silence is the only true messenger. 

Arunachala is the stillness singing your liberation—the radiant one inside you that never speaks and never sleeps—an endless river of freedom. This presence tethers the mind to a vast indiscernible light consuming everything in this endless radiance—caught like a starship in an invisible force field—a tractor beam that devours this sense of me and you and I. No room for vanity, arrogance, fear, and problems—every lie is devoured in this Siva Fire of Grace.

No choice but to surrender to this fierce and ruthless annihilator. Funny how the mind wants to describe its assassin—like the mind itself wants to shout for joy that its spastic movements can finally come to rest—happy to die a thousand deaths to breathe the sweet air of freedom. Yes, even the mind longs for this endless peace. 

Arunachala is the mind magnet that keeps you from wandering off into the past or stressing over the future—what future?! Nothing. This presence will stomp you dead in your tracks—destroying your image like a mirror smashed to smithereens. Not a shred of evidence will remain. 

Only love dances with this guru—the great laughing fire that carries away your misery leaving only the majesty of pure being in its fiery wake. Om Arunachala—like this you have devoured the birth name of sages and saints for eons.

No warning. A rush of bliss with one thousand doors flying open in an instant. The invisible light washes over—purifying—opening as this divinity that can never be spoken. 

Self-hatred is laughable in this great giggle of the heartbreaking open to nothing—who knew we are all a mountain inside?!

Sri Bhagavan Ramana dances in your heart cave—singing his eternal bhakti song of Bliss Love.

Om Divine Master—you are the heartbeat of now.

Jai Siva Siva Arunachala Siva!

Tat Sat
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