The Razor's Edge

The Great Secret
By Kosi

Papaji is famous for comparing the mountain path of Ramana Maharshi to the razors edge. His eyes flashing with pure delight, Papaji would exclaim, “One thought is too much to carry on the razor's edge!” He knew the great secret of Ramana Maharishi. He knew the mind was the ten-headed demon that guards the ancient gateway of freedom—a single thought and you fall off his famous razors edge. Naturally, you might wonder how to stop your thoughts from knocking you off this mysterious edge? 

Why not pause for a moment and drink in Papaji's eternal wisdom?  Why not stop to carefully ponder what he is pointing to? A single thought contains the power to pull you back into suffering—it contains the innate power to distract you from the sublime happiness of your being. The root of all suffering, doing, and seeking lives in the very deep belief that you are the one seeking freedom, enlightenment, peace, and happiness. Or you are the one walking on the razor's edge of freedom, but who is this you?
The search for the secret knowledge, formula, or method that will set you free from the endless gyrations of your mind is driven by the core belief that you are a person who is bound. You are the person who must find the sacred something that will set you free. But what if you are already free? What if the razors edge, the mind, the search, the path is non-existent? What if who you really are is the fourth state of consciousness—the vast and ancient realm of Turiya?

Sadly the pursuit of freedom is like trying to make a rope out of sand or like running on a treadmill thinking you are going somewhere—it never ends your suffering and never leads to freedom. Secret knowledge will simply never set you free. The issue always comes down to one simple truth; this you that you believe yourself to be will never be enlightened, liberated, or even self-realized—the idea of you is the great trick of the mind that keeps you seeking and never finding. 

This fundamental belief that you are the you who wants freedom, enlightenment, and the peace it promises is the single thought that knocks you off the invisible razor's edge of your heart. It postpones the freedom that is always here to some unknown point of attainment—liberation from the ancient wheel of karma. Basically, the great secret of Ramana Maharshi is there is no secret. 

Ramana and every word he uttered pointed to the vast realm of liberation that is always here. Simply put; there is no razors edge and no one walking upon it. The only issue, the root of every single problem you think you have, the cause of every feeling of worthlessness, sadness, fear, anxiety, stress, and even the desire for freedom, peace, and happiness lives in the single letter ‘I’ the deep feeling you are your body or the deep belief ‘I am me.” 

The secret of the razors edge is simply this; STOP THINKING. Stop trying to be anything or do anything or find anything or attain anything. Take one deep look into the source of the feeling of me and recognize you are this source—nothing more and nothing less. Do not move to touch a single thought. Be Still.

It is so simple. Immediate. Here and Now. Once you see for yourself this you that you think you are is non-existent you are free like the wind to simply be what you are and will always be—happiness beyond all ideas of happiness.

This is the great secret of life—you are the freedom you are seeking—everything else is a trick of your mind!

Tat Sat

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