Ending the Fight to Be Right

Rage is one of the most avoided or suppressed emotions, which can easily lead to an expression of this destructive force of the human mind and ego. This power of the human psyche is often the source of man’s inhumanity to man—the destruction of each other. But what exactly is rage? What if it is purely the genetic wiring of the human brain? What if rage actually has nothing to do with the deeply ingrained genetic movement of mind to fight to be right, or the movement of mind to seek revenge, or the root nature of jealousy? Are these nefarious emotions a barrier or a gateway to your natural happiness?

Rage is explosive. It is the huge power behind the movement of mind to attack deeply rooted in your egoic identification with the body seated in the reptilian brain and instinct to survive. It is also a point of view deeply rooted in your ego and cultural conditioning—all of the things you have learned from your parents and the culture in which you live. For example, if you are raised in a family that is constantly raging about this issue, or t hat circumstance, or against an individual or individuals, you will naturally feel rage is a normal form of communication. It is not uncommon for rage to be seen as completely justified by your point of view or your perspective of the situation.

Rage itself is the vast power of your being—the life force of the body and combined with thought rage is the elixir of destruction. In ancient times rage was seen as the powerful force behind a perfectly justifiable conquest. Alexander the Great is the perfect example of this ancient and egoic mentality of attack, kill, rape, and possess. To this day he is still admired for his military prowess. He is viewed as the epitome of the powerful and the strong—the alpha male—hence the name Alexander The Great. But is rage strength or a fundamental weakness of the human race?

After his successful conquest of great swaths of territory and amassing more money than could be fathomed by most men of his epoch in history, just before he breathed his last, Alexander exclaimed, “I have conquered everything. Yet I have nothing!” In the end he realized having everything does not satisfy the fundamental human desire for happiness—in fact, having everything can lead to a profound disillusionment with life. But what if rage itself is one of the secret keys to breaking free of all genetic movements of mind?

Rage is fire. It is a spark that can ignite the destructive forces of mind that is usually suppressed, but can easily go nuclear when seemingly triggered by an outside event; something someone says or does rubs you the wrong way and triggers your primal instinct, which in turn ignites the idea that this person must be squashed—it sparks the basic egoic need to prove you are right and the other person is wrong. But perhaps you know from experience, actions based on rage often have disastrous results. The wise know when rage is triggered to wait for twenty-four hours before doing or saying anything—remaining still and burning in the impulse to fight is the great key of salvation. This is the great strength of stillness—the power within you that NEVER REACTS.

It in the willingness to be still, and not react to what can be a very strong impulse to move, that the deep heat of rage can be examined. If you intimately examine rage you can discover the deep sadness and even despair and self-hatred often lurking underneath this primal emotion. It is in the willingness to examine rage and the associated emotions that opens the gateway to a profound realization—rage is actually is the power of light—the Big Bang that generates the human form—the joyful light of the life force within you. “What?!” Your mind might protest. “How can rage be joy?!” The answer lives in examining the actual substance of rage; raw unformed conscious energy. How can raw unformed conscious energy do anything?

Rage is an energy that in and of itself does not cause the movement of mind to attack or the deeply genetic movement to prove you are right. The mind can seem to automatically react, but his leads us to the core questions that have the power to free you from this insidious movement of mind: Who fights? Who wants to be right? Does rage do this? Who is the one who rages? This smacks you in the face with the root cause of all suffering—the ego and genetic mind. It is the combination of the genetic wiring or your mind, cultural conditioning, the deeply engrained avoidance of despair, and the movement of your mind to either attack, or prove your perspective is right and the other person’s perspective is wrong, which forecfully pulls you out of the root of rage—or pure unformed conscious energy—unalloyed happiness. “Hunh?” You might wonder.

The trick of rage is this; if you act on the impulse of the mind to attack, or move to fight in order to prove you are right—this primal impulse of mind that rage can ignite within you—then you will find yourself in a heated war with yourself and whomever you are attacking. Ultimately, you are fighting the person in the mirror—what you seem to be fighting on the outside is merely a reflection of the egoic thoughts on the inside—you are actually fighting yourself and avoiding the deeper more vulnerable emotions of sadness and despair. You are actually avoiding the gateway that rage really is—the hidden gateway in the core of rage that leads directly to the unalloyed happiness of your being.

If you think of this as an equation; it is the unformed conscious energy of rage ‘plus’ the deep feeling that you are your body ‘times’ the thoughts, beliefs, and cultural conditioning or your mind, which ‘equals’ the very strong impulse to prove you are right. If you follow this impulse outward into the world, or attack the people who appear in your life, you are at the effect of your mind, ego, and circumstances—this is gross suffering. What is worse, is this cycle of suffering will continue for life times upon life times until you find the courage to stop and dive deep into the belly of the beast.

If you have the courage to stop and dive deep into the heart of rage an astounding realization awaits you. But it does take courage and the desire to be free of this ancient demon of the genetic mind that is firmly seated in your reptilian brain. It is very much like a moth flying into a flame—if you dive into the fire of rage all ideas of you simply vanish in the unformed conscious energy of rage—the sacred inferno of the divine that only has the power to destroy what is false—this is eternal fire of Siva.

This is the sacred key; the fire of rage has the power to destroy the one whom rages, which returns you instantly to the sublime happiness of now—the unalloyed happiness of your being. It is easy to say this, but not so easy to jump off the seeming safety of your identity to dive into the unknowable life force of rage. It is not easy to stop following the strong impulse to be right, which is simply because you are accustom to believing what your mind is saying—you are simply use to believing your perspective is right and the other person’s perspective is wrong, and your mind will find all kinds of justifications and reasons why your perspective is the right perspective.

It is the polarity of right versus wrong or good versus bad that again points directly to your ego. Only ego and mind swings between these polarities, but the presence of the heart is eternally free of either polarity. When you muster the courage to dive deep into the heart of rage you can discover directly, intimately, that the one who rages simply does not exist.

When you see this directly, intimately, for yourself then you are free of the impulse to be right. Once you are free of this impulse there is no reaction to whatever the circumstance might be. The moment you realize you are the infinite stillness, then you are free as the pure unformed conscious energy deeper than any idea of you or rage.

The ultimate truth is this; rage is a gateway to your natural happiness.

Tat Sat

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