Birth of God
by Kosi

The birth of Jesus was the advent of a seismic shift in consciousness—the birth of God. He had a sacred destiny; to bear witness to the living truth—the eternal presence that transcends death. Jesus is God—the omniscience that is both human and divine—a quantum leap in consciousness—an Avatar. He set the world on fire with a new conversation that has been the source of controversy for centuries. His miraculous birth was heralded by angel who proclaimed, “Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you tidings of great joy which will come to all the people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord’—the prophesized Messiah—the messenger. Is this a religious message or does it transcend religion entirely? What exactly does the birth of Jesus have to do with the teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi?

Jesus is the birth of a new consciousness. He represents the great exodus from slavery—the imagined bondage caused by the body and genetic mind—sound familiar? Is his message really any different from Ramana’s? The misidentification with the physical body or ego is the root cause of all perceived problems in your life and the world—but is the ego, or deep identification with your body, even real? Jesus illuminates, “Let the dead bury the dead for where the body is there the vultures will gather.” What does he mean by this? Are you the limited form of your body that will die or so much more? What is the nature of your mind and ego and why is something that is relatively simple to understand so difficult to master?

The gift of Ramana is his simplicity. He said many time the name of God heard by Moses on Mount Sinai—I AM THAT I AM—is the perfect name of God—pure being—pure love. The name of God unveils the vast power of the teaching of Jesus and Ramana. God is Love. Jesus is Love. You are Love—I AM LOVE—no separation—ONE LOVE. When Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He is saying I AM (God) is the way, the truth, and the life—divine love—the omniscience within you and all around you—a love that defies all understanding in the core of your being. Love is the way. Love is the life. Love is the truth. Love alone is the way of salvation. This love sets you free from the bondage of the egoic mind—the new covenant—unending joy. Love is the only way. No one comes to the father  (source) except through love—the eternity alive in your heart.

If you muster the courage to dive into your heart you can immediately discover this divine love—a joy without end—this is the good news—eternal life. It really is that simple. The great challenge is the ego does not like the annihilating force of this endless timeless love. It wants desperately to be in control and maintain a sense of specialness. Ego thrives on limiting ideas of right and wrong and will always fight to be right—this is the fundamental reason wars have been waged in the name of Jesus—the antithesis of his teaching. Ego enslaves you to the tyranny of your mind and body.

The great exodus from the bondage of your mind demands the willingness to humble your ego—surrendering all ideas of specialness and everything you think you want. This surrender crucifies your unconscious practice of suffering and ends the tremendous effort required to suffer. It is a deep seeing through the mirage of your ego—the source of the arrogant belief that you are special, in control, and unlovable—the three primary aspects of mind that keep your ego in tact. As long as you continue to identity with your body and mind you will suffer—you will feel that your are separate from everyone and everything, which keeps you stuck on the roller coaster of the ever-changing ups and downs of your life.

The birth of God is the dawn of a new understanding of who you really are. The only difference between you and an avatar is simply that you identify with your body and suffer. An avatar identifies only as God from the moment of birth—I AM THAT I AM—pure conscious awareness free of the ego. The avatar is simply I AM with nothing added. This is the great challenge—your mind instantly labels everything you perceive as good, bad, right, wrong, etc… the endless movements of mind to control and protect your body. This primal identification with your body labeled with your name makes your ego feel very real. It is this labeling aspect of mind that be seen through in order to be free of the tyranny of your own mind.

The primary question of self-inquiry ‘Who am I?’ questions the label of you. It is God’s name backward—AM I—that naturally directs your attention inward to the source of the feeling ‘I am me.’ It is a question with no answer—the spark of energy that ignites a holy blaze within your heart—the divine spark that sets your heart on fire with truth—the vast love that is God. If you fully understand the great secret of I AM the living words of Jesus ignite a holy blaze in your heart. His eternal proclamation, “I am resurrection and the life,” points directly to your true nature—in the core of your being you are the resurrection and the life—eternal. This vast presence is never touched by death. Love is the resurrection and the life alive within you.

None of this is about religion.  Turning your attention inward to the living source of your heart is a profound shift in your perception that ends the war inside of you and opens the gateway of unending joy. It is an invitation to grow up and leave the immaturity of your ego behind. It requires that you ask yourself; do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? If you stop believing whatever you are thinking and surrender the story you are continuously weaving in your mind—you will be born again of the spirit and experience the great joy that you are and always will be.

If you look intimately at the ‘me’ you think you are—you can see directly it is a great illusion—the mirror of reflective consciousness that enslaves you to your thoughts and physical senses. The reason this can be difficult to perceive is simply due to the deep feeling of you infused with your story, your point of view, your beliefs, and cultural conditioning—your identity. But the moment you see though this powerful illusion you immediately fall through the mirage of your ego into the heart—a joy beyond all ideas of joy.

Suffering is the instant agreement between the ‘me’ you think you are and your mind.  For suffering to continue requires the intense effort of believing everything you think and all the emotions your thoughts generate—the imagined bondage of the mind. Freedom from this bondage is alive in your heart, is beyond belief, and cannot be practiced. Love beyond all ideas of love.

The moment you see through the mirage of the ‘me’ inside of you, it is possible to stop agreeing with your mind. The instant you stop agreeing with mind your fight to be right comes to a sudden screeching halt—freeing you from the graveyard of the past—death. It opens your heart to the joy of eternal life.

Ultimately, it is your choice. You can continue to be a slave of your mind and pursue the endless fight to be right, and suffer, or live in the joy of the eternal presence within your own heart—love without end.

Choose wisely!

Tat Sat

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