Seeing Beyond the Illusion of You
By Kosi

Fear is the raw human emotion that has the innate power to keep you trapped in the prison of the mind. The genetics of your mind, or the genetic mind, is the deeply ingrained survival mechanism of your physical body combined with your five senses and your natural capacity to think. The impulse to run or hide is in effect the hard-wired survival mechanism deeply ingrained in the physiology of your body and mind. This natural survival instinct can keep you running and hiding your entire life. But what exactly is fear and how can you break free of its invisible clutches?

Perhaps the greatest fear we face in life is either the death of the physical body or the fear of endless rebirth. This fear is basically two sides of the same coin. It represents a primitive reaction to death that lives in the genetic prison of the mind—a grand illusion. To see through this powerful mirage it is essential to intimately examine the nature of fear and other debilitating emotions you can experience as you move through life. What is fear exactly and how can you overcome what can be the deeply ingrained fear of death, rebirth, and even life itself? Perhaps more importantly who is afraid? Or what inside of you is aware of fear or any feeling or emotion for that matter?

Fear left unexamined keeps you reacting or running and hiding from whatever you perceive to be a threat. Fear is a very strong feeling that can seem completely out of your control, but if you stop following the very strong emotional impulse to react to fear, which actually only serves to make your fear even stronger, you have an opportunity to see through the great illusion of fear. If you turn your attention inward to examine fear more closely you can see for yourself that fear is nothing more than a vibratory energy that moves through your body.

If you intimately examine any emotion you can see for yourself all of your emotions are simply comprised of energy that your mind instantly assigns various labels based on your past experience: fear, anxiety, sadness, stress, anger, rage, terror etc... The moment your mind assigns a label it generates what seems like an instant reaction. The label instantaneously generates the impulse or the strong tendency to react based on the instinctual genetics of the body, your senses, and your mind. This deeply ingrained genetic impulse is designed to protect you from any perceived threat to the physical body.  This is the primary purpose of your mind and ego—it is a natural protection mechanism that serves to keep the body alive.

This genetic wiring is one of the primary reasons it is difficult to break free of your fear and perhaps more importantly makes it very difficult to master your mind or cut through the root cause of fear or the deep feeling of “me” or ego. Without the feeling of this “me” is it even possible to be afraid? It takes a certain amount of courage to turn and unflinchingly examine the nature of your impulse to react to anything—what causes you to react? Who reacts to anything? Who is this who? This inquiry natural takes you to the source of the mind itself and cuts through the root cause of all suffering—your ego—or the deep feeling you are your body.

The moment you stop and question fear or anything you might be feeling is the very instant you have an opportunity to break free of the debilitating effects of any emotion. Meeting the deeply ingrained fear of death is the essential inquiry for cutting through the root cause of every emotion or the natural impulse of your body to react rooted in the ego or deep identification with your body. This inquiry represents a major shift in consciousness from the limitations of your physical form to your eternal nature or the unlimited nature of the pure consciousness alive in your heart. It is the direct intimate discovery of who you really are free of the physical limitations of the body.

The reaction to anything is ultimately purely based on whatever you think and feel. If you are the master of fear you will experience fear differently than if you are a slave of your fear. To stop the torment of fear you simply must turn and face your fear down—don’t let it slip away into the shadows of your mind. Stop and inquire—who is afraid? Who is this who?

If you continue to think you are your body you will continue to be at the effect of the natural genetic impulse of the mind and body to react to your circumstances. If you begin to inquire into the nature of your physical form you can see immediately you are the consciousness animating the body, but you are not the you that you think you are or your body. Is pure consciousness affected by anything?

Once you fully embrace this essence—or the consciousness animating the body—how can there be any fear of death or rebirth or anything for that matter? Consciousness is eternal—it never tastes death or birth—consciousness is simply never afraid, is never angry, never sad. It is totally free.

Fear only lives in the body, but if you are only the consciousness animating the body how can fear even exist? Is death or birth even possible? The moment you see deeply you are pure consciousness is the instant you will be forever free of fear or any emotion that rolls through the physical form.

Seeing beyond death is the deep seeing that who you really are is ETERNAL LIFE. In this realization, you are fearlessly HERE and NOW.

This is the freedom of seeing beyond the illusion of YOU.

Tat Sat

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