The Quantum Reality
By Kosi

The physical realm you perceive with your five senses every single day is your perceived reality. Naturally, the people places and things in your life behave in ways that are familiar and predictable. But there is an unseen realm that behaves in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics composed of subatomic photons of light and the emptiness of pure consciousness—the quantum reality. This quantum realm is the realm of infinite possibilities free of time and space. It actually informs the physical reality that you perceive—the living source of life itself. Quantum is alive. When someone’s body dies the assumption based on the physical reality is that the person has died, but is this really true? What is the real nature of life and death?

In April of 1950 Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi was at the end of his physical existence. His body was dying. This fact did not faze him in the least. He allowed his devoted disciples and physicians to make valiant efforts to save his dying body, but Ramana was very aware their well-intended efforts would fail. His time on earth in a physical body was over, but his life and teaching was actually just beginning. Ramana was quantum—not as a concept or even as a scientific fact, but rather as the quantum reality that he was, is, and always will be. The form of Ramana was finished, but Ramana the divine master was being born into his role as eternal guide— it was like his body was the pupa dissolving into the vast soup of eternal energy from which he would emerge as the living eternal butterfly—Siva Mariposa.

Naturally the impending death of this great master was a huge concern to his students and disciples. Who would be his successor? Was there a student that he would anoint to take his place? Or should they seek a new master or guru? How would they liberate themselves now that Ramana would no longer be physical present to answer their questions? The impending doom of Ramana’s eminent Mahasamādhi rippled through the sangha as a plague of anxiety. But in spite of this swirling energy of fear and sadness Ramana continued to transmit his eternal message. The body of Ramana was exceedingly weak, but his radiant presence was shining through his face anointing all who came to see him with the blessing of eternal life. His fierce gaze still had the power to stop the mind in its tracks.

The death of his physical body was the catalyst for his final teaching. “They say that I am dying, but where will I go? I am here,” Ramana explained. As it became more and more obvious his body really was dying several of his closest students asked whom he would anoint as his successor. Ramana’s response was crystal clear—there would be no human successor. “The mountain—Arunachala Siva—is the lineage,” He answered. “Arunachala Siva is the mantra, teaching, and practice that leads to liberation,” Ramana fiercely proclaimed. The invisible quantum reality of God is the eternal guide—the radiant light wave that transcends time and space. This is the realm of the infinite.

Ramana was not his body. Not as a concept, but as a realization so profoundly deep that Ramana himself was Arunachala Siva—the formless presence of God that eternally lights the way to liberation. When it was clear that he was not going to anoint a successor many students humbly approached him asking if they should seek another human guru. It seemed impossible that they could progress on the path of liberation without the aide of a human teacher. He smiled and replied, “You do not need another guru. If you need help simply call and I will be there. I am with you wherever you are.”

The quantum reality is very different from the physical realm that we can perceive and infinitely more real. Even when Ramana was in physical form he was quantum—it was documented on several occasions that he could bi-locate or be in two completely different locations at once. Sometimes Ramana was aware of this phenomenon and other times he seemed to be unaware or completely indifferent to this siddhi or spiritual power.

Many people have taken this to mean that he was the omniscience of the Self or Siva—the formless presence of God that by its very nature can never leave you. But there is another mysterious aspect to the quantum nature of Ramana. His form and presence is not constrained by the laws of physics that govern the physical reality in which you live. Ramana is alive. He transcends both time and space. His body is dead, but Ramana is ALIVE. This is the mystery and the grace of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

Since, his Mahasamādhi on April 14, 1950 he has appeared in physical form to many devotees. His appearance is more than a vision or apparition, but a physical presence of another realm. It has been said that this is merely an aspect of mind, but based on direct experience of this phenomenon—this is simply not the case. Ramana is a living entity that has the power to reach beyond his Mahasamādhi tomb to guide, to teach, to console, and even has the power to heal you.

Ramana’s core teaching is a roadmap into the quantum reality. This realm has the power to heal your body, end your suffering, and most importantly guides you through the eternal gate of moksha—liberation from the karmic wheel of endless birth and death. His appearances are never casual—it is a transmission of the divine and a teaching designed specifically for the student. Before he died he clearly stated that any devotee could call on him and he would offer his support and eternal guidance.

Is this not like the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Jesus also appeared not only to his disciples, but to over five hundred people after his crucifixion and has appeared again and again over the centuries to devoted students. Jesus was also quantum. Jesus is alive. This is the great mystery and eternal teaching of God, which is beyond all ideas of God. In this quantum realm it is realized that both the life and death of your body is the illusion and pure consciousness is the quantum reality that never dies.

Naturally this leads to the question; how do you access the quantum reality? How can you end your suffering? It begins with the strong determination and intention to free your self from the illusions of the past and the unconscious conditioning or vasanas that keeps suffering in place. This means you must apply the teaching of Ramana Maharshi continuously.

The quantum reality is in you as you. Perhaps this mystery is simply beyond the grasp of the human intellect. But if you are struggling and want to liberate your self from eons of suffering the karmic wheel represents simply apply the teaching and if you get stuck call on Ramana. He is waiting.

The quantum realm is total liberation from the paradox of life and death.

This realm liberates you from the mirage of suffering.

Tat Sat

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