Overcoming Anxiety
By Kosi

Anxiety is one of the most debilitating forms of suffering.  It lives in an overwhelming sense of doom and the panic it generates. It can lead to panic attacks or the visceral sense that everything in your life is simply too overwhelming. The deep sense of terror generated by a panic attack can be so intense that it can actually feel like you are having a heart attack. Overtime anxiety can lead to major health problems and even has the power to generate cancer in the body. When you are in the grip of anxiety it can seem impossible to overcome this overwhelming feeling, but what if anxiety and the panic it generates is simply an opportunity for a radical shift in consciousness?

The mind and ego work in tandem to generate a wide range of emotions, but this happens so fast you are not necessarily aware of the movements of mind that generate what can be debilitating emotions. If you are anxious you are at the effect of rapidly changing thoughts of what happened in the past instantly projected by your mind into the future as a series of potential negative outcomes, which generates a barrage of emotions that feel overwhelming. In other words, the mental spin that serves to generate anxiety creates your deep sense of panic. It is an example of a vasana or an unconscious tendency infused with the physical sensations of your body.

Anxiety often triggers past traumatic experiences stored in the limbic brain. The brain has no real concept of time. As a result, if you think of the past, or if a current event in your life triggers a past memory associated with trauma, you are actually re-traumatized in this moment as if the past is occurring all over again right now. This powerful movement of mind keeps you physically trapped in the past even if you are very aware whatever you are remembering is a past event. The mind instantly generates the visceral feeling of the trauma you experienced in the past and makes it feel like the past is happening right now and can happen again in the future, which only serves to generate more fear and panic.

The vicious mental spin of anxiety as well as any associated trauma can make it feel impossible to overcome. This mental spin is actually a frantic mental strategy to survive. It represents an innate strategy of your mind to keep whatever happened or might happen from happening again. This spastic spin of the mind is often infused with such a deep sense of terror, despair, and feeling of hopeless vulnerability it immediately generates the feeling that you are simply incapable of preventing this unwanted event from occurring. The vulnerability of hopelessness only serves to intensify the feeling of anxiety and the cycle continues.

The antidote to anxiety is relaxation. But how can you relax when you are feeling anxious—is this even possible? The most obvious answer is no. It is not possible to relax when you are a slave to the ferocious mental spin of anxiety.  It is hardwired into your brain. Effectively addressing the unconscious biological aspect of anxiety is essential in order to break free from its powerful grip. The solution does not live in thought no matter how enlightened your thoughts might be. The mind cannot overcome the anxious spin of the mind from the perspective of mind.

Deep down you are already aware of this. If you have every been anxious you are painfully aware that the deep visceral feeling of anxiety either has you by the throat or is lurking like a dark shadow in the recesses of you mind waiting for the right moment to strike. It is not a matter of if, but rather a deep seated fear of of when will the horrible feeling of anxiety return to haunt you.

In order to break free of the clutches of anxiety requires the willingness to meet anxiety where it begins—the sensations in your body and the thoughts of your mind. It represents a radical shift from being at the effect of anxiety to an intimate examination of what anxiety actually is—a deep inquiry into who or what is anxious? This examination opens the door of a new consciousness—a new frequency of energy.

You see, it is energy that breaks you free from the energy of anxiety or the vicious mental spin of your mind infused with the sensations of your body. The mind alone cannot break this cycle. As you are already know, if you focus your attention on anxiety and the feelings it generates—it gets bigger and stronger.

To break this cycle requires the invisible power of your focused attention or innate power of your consciousness combined with silence and sound. Focused attention generates an invisible frequency of light in an infinite quantum field of possibility—beyond the grasp of knowing. But how can you access what you cannot know and cannot see?

The antidote for anxiety is within you.  It is the light of your consciousness, the life of your breath, and a vast invisible light frequency. This invisible frequency of light has the intrinsic power to rewire the hardwired programming in your brain to eradicate anxiety entirely so that it can no longer reoccur again and again.

Breath is the energy of the life force of your body and sound is actually a silent vibration of light or an invisible energy frequency within you and all around you. The seed letters of OM or a-u-m is the breath of light. It is the indescribable intelligence of the entire universe.

The power of deep conscious breath and the sound of a-u-m ends the intense suffering of anxiety. It is omniscient consciousness that rewires your brain without you doing anything. The brain simply rewires itself based on the vast pure conscious frequency of light within you.

This sound combined with your conscious awareness is a frequency or energy that stops anxiety in its tracks. It naturally relaxes your mind into the heart—the energy of which heals and releases the trauma stored in your brain and stops the mental spin of anxiety.

The invisible light frequency of your consciousness, breath, and silence actually enable you to see through the powerful illusion of you or the ego, which is the source of the vast spectrum of emotions and the associated reactions to events you experience every moment of your life.

The frequency of light and sound that a-u-m represents relaxes you into the realm of absolute freedom from any thought swirling through your mind. It frees you from the past.

If you focus on your heart and silently sing a-u-m your anxiety will evaporate like dew in sunlight.

AUM is the alpha and the omega of a vast omniscience with the intrinsic power to end all suffering.

This is the sound of love without end—the eternal frequency of now.

 Tat Sat

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